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Betting tips, predictions and analysis for football, ice hockey tips, handball tips, basketball tips or other sports.

Tips are from czech/slovakia betting community (K2)

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1. How to use betting emails at BETTINGTOUR.NET

Email TIP automat is a service for sending email tips to your email. Every registered user can use this premium service after ordering credits. log in credits order credit

After logging in to BETTINGTOUR.NET you have to choose "E-mail TIP automat & Show Tipster Rankings" in the main menu and select tipster(s), which you want to subscribe - receive their tips on email.

Order betting tips

Email TIP automat will send you tips as soon as any of the chosen tipsters add a bet.
Email TIP automat will not send you tips, which were added before you subscribed a tipster.

Delivered betting tip

Tipsters have different fees for their tips - you will be deducted a fee regarding the tipster fee.
If there is a mistake in a tip, made by a tipster, you will receive a tip correction free of charge.

You can see all your received tips and transactions in "Transactions" panel in the main menu.


You can use tips from BETTINGTOUR.NET only for yourself. It is forbidden to forward, send or sell any of these tips.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us at

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